Goal Update

2015 Baseline: 9.07 gal/passenger

2016: 9.52 gal/passenger (4.9% increase)

2017: 10.02 gal/passenger (10.5% increase)

2018: 9.09 gal/passenger (0.2% increase)

2019: 9.46 gal/passenger (4.3% increase)

2020: 14.13 gal/passenger (55.8% increase)

2021 Q1: 10.01 gal/passenger (10.4% increase)

2030 Goal: 7.7 gal/passenger (15% reduction)

Prior to 2021, water data were reported on an annual basis. Beginning in 2021, we are reporting on a quarterly basis.

Water Conservation

Airports rely on water in daily operations, and MSP is no exception. Beginning in 2009, the MAC replaced 18 existing MSP restrooms, consolidating to eight larger and more efficient, centralized restrooms, and added four new restrooms. In all of these remodels and new-builds, the MAC invested in water-saving fixtures to reduce water consumption as well as more durable, longer-lasting building materials. 

Investments in parking ramp cleaning equipment that recycles water for continued use during the cleaning process is another way the MAC has reduced water consumption at MSP. Efficiencies realized from using the new equipment mean that approximately 580,000 gallons of water are saved per year.

Substantial water savings are also found at the Quick Turn-Around facility at Terminal 2. Used by rental car companies to service their vehicles, this facility incorporates an extensive water reclamation system allowing for approximately 85 percent of water from the car wash component of the facility to be recycled.

Our Goals

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