Create an Inclusive Culture

Our Culture

We believe in modeling and supporting a positive workplace culture based on our values of integrity, teamwork, innovation and excellence, fiscal responsibility, commitment to the community and the environment, and employee development. We are dedicated to continuing our strong history as a high-performing organization where employees experience excellence in leadership, challenging work, and opportunities for growth and development while being rewarded competitively.

We are eager to continue building upon our foundation of inclusivity at the MAC as we say farewell to many of our longstanding, tenured employees and say hello to the new wave of employees. Investments in diversity, inclusion and equity through a five-year action plan will help guide our organization’s continual evolution. Connection events, including health and wellbeing opportunities and continually reviewing our changing employee base’s desired forms of communication to ensure they are getting the latest on the organization, will help keep us connected, well, and engaged.

Goal – Create and sustain a welcoming workplace through inclusion, connection, and communication
2017 – 2021 Objectives:
  • Support an equitable culture
  • Promote a culture that provides opportunities to succeed, collaborates, gives, and celebrates
  • Use and measure the effectiveness of the best tools for communicating with our diverse employee base
Train All of Our Employees
We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace. Through our target of training 100 percent of our employees on diversity and inclusion, we will be offering a common language and set of expectations. Inviting each of our employees to think about these topics together will help us welcome an increasingly diverse set of skills and backgrounds into our workforce.
Unconscious Bias
We don't know what we don't know. As the diversity and inclusion conversation broadens, the role of unconscious bias has risen as a core piece of creating an inclusive workplace. Working with our managers, who often times set the tone for their teams through management styles, hiring, and promotions, we are investing in training on unconscious bias. Raising each of our levels of awareness regarding the biases we hold, reflecting upon them, and working towards creating inclusivity will build upon our strong culture at the MAC.
Invest in Training our Leaders
By empowering the heads of each of our departments with in-depth training on diversity and inclusion, we will set the tone for managing teams, hiring decisions, and integrating the concepts more deeply into the organization. Complimenting this training with the target of training 100 percent of all of our employees in diversity and inclusion will help employees and their supervisors align on the organization's shared priority of creating an inclusive culture.