Manage our Impact

Driving Impact through Energy

Three pillars support our goal to improve the overall sustainability of our airports by managing our energy needs.

Over the past two decades, our MAC Energy Conservation Program (MECP) has resulted in:

In 2016, notable energy management projects at MSP included:
  • LED re-lamping across the MSP campus, including in parking facilities, at curbside check-ins at Terminal 2, the Terminal 1 connector bridge, Terminal 1 restroom remodels, and the Terminal 2 gate expansion
  • Continued gathering and integration of data into our energy management system, expanding our ability to view, manage, and analyze the system's performance
  • A 1.3-megawatt solar energy installation at Terminal 2
  • Expanding electrification options for ground service equipment across Terminal 1, resulting in a reduction of diesel-powered equipment use
  • Partnering with concessionaires to ensure energy efficiency was integrated into their store and restaurant designs, including making them aware of available utility rebate options
  • Solar cells above the new Terminal 1 North Security Checkpoint
In addition, the MAC is expanding its work in emissions analytics and reductions through participation in the Airport Carbon Accreditation program and its work on calculating the emissions reductions associated with the Federal Aviation Administration's Optimized Profile Descent (OPD) program.

Harnessing the Sun at MSP

We are proud to host one of the largest solar arrays in Minnesota atop our parking ramps, which result in a cumulative 4.3 megawatts of solar energy generated onsite. Check it out!

We have been humbled by the accolades this work has garnered, including:

Goal — Minimize our ecological impact while actively exploring innovations to improve our performance
2017-2021 Objectives:
  • Improve energy efficiency and minimize air quality impacts, including GHG emissions
  • Reduce the impact of chemical usage and integrate ecologically-friendly solutions
  • Employ best practices to minimize ecological impacts on surrounding water bodies

De-icing Fluid Applied at Deice Pads
The de-icing pads are a crucial piece of infrastructure for efficient and environmentally-friendly operations at MSP. Our de-icing pads provide us and our partners with an effective means to recover glycol for recycling and processing during the winter de-icing seasons, which run from the fall of one year into the spring of the next year.
Organics Diverted from Solid Waste
As part of our broader waste management strategy, organics composting posed a great opportunity - based on the number of concessionaires operating in the terminals at MSP - to reduce our waste and close the loop on organics. We started our organics program in partnership with our concessionaires at MSP in 2010 as a pilot project. We are proud to share that the program has grown to both terminals and includes all of our food and beverage concessionaires.