To provide a strong foundation for our sustainability strategy, we conducted a sustainability materiality assessment to help us identify, prioritize, validate, and build our strategy upon our most material topics. Through internal engagement, assessment of stakeholder priorities, and broader trends in both airports and sustainability we identified our most material topics. The materiality matrix below illustrates those topics, broken into our three themes. The topics in the upper right hand corner are those most important to our stakeholders and our business success. We utilized this map to craft our three themes and supporting sub-themes for our sustainability strategy, balancing the broad vision of infusing sustainability into everything we do while encouraging focus on our most material topical areas.
MAC-MSP Materiality Matrix
We intend to refresh our materiality assessment every three to five years to account for changes in our operations, the marketplace, the sustainability field, and regulation. 
This matrix illustrates the general process by which we completed our materiality assessment. We have financial control over MSP and our reliever airports. Although we include our reliever airports in our operating budget, we did not include these assets in the development of our materiality assessment or in this report. All sustainability topics included in this report are material to MSP. The Theme sections identify the topics that are material to external entities along with their associated geographies, where applicable.

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