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Our sustainability reporting is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Guidelines for Core Reporting and the Airport Operators Sector Supplement. The GRI is the global standard for sustainability reporting. Utilizing these standards enables the Metropolitan Airports Commission to provide timely, reliable, and comparable data on our sustainability performance.
We believe this is an important part of our responsibility as the operator of one of the largest airport systems in the United States. This is our first sustainability report and it covers our 2015 performance with additional information provided about past years' performance and future plans. Where data for 2015 were not available, we have included data from previous years and marked them as such. Our 2015 reporting cycle covers January 1 to December 31, 2015.
We developed this report to be consistent with the GRI G4 principles for defining report content, including stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, materiality, and completeness, as well as defining report quality, including balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clarity, and reliability.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement played a critical role in the definition of this report. The process by which we determined the sustainability topics that are material to our organization was also foundational. 
The content index below provides the MAC’s GRI Standard and Airport Operator Disclosures’ locations and additional information. The MAC also publishes an Annual Report to the Legislature and a Budget Book that provide information aligned with the GRI G4 Guidelines. We did not seek external assurance on this report, nor do we have a policy on external assurance.
The content index is divided between General Standard Disclosures and Specific Standard Disclosures. Airport Operator Disclosures and Indicators are incorporated into both of these sections as they relate to the DMAs or specific indicators. Where they do not sit within an existing indicator, the indicator begins with “AO” indicating it is an Airport Operator disclosure.
Questions about this report can be directed to our Sustainability and Strategy Department at 

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