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In 2013, we received a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to participate in its Sustainability Master Plan Pilot Program. Our 2015 Sustainability Report is our first comprehensive sustainability report and is a direct result of this partnership. The 2015 report provides a foundation for the future success of our sustainable practices and brings a new level of focus, alignment, and strategy to the social, environmental, and economic components of our sustainability work. To demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accountability, we prepared the 2015 report in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and the Airport Operators Sector Disclosures: the Core option.

Invitation to Join Our Sustainability Journey

To ensure regularity in our future reporting, and to maintain our focus on continuous improvement, we commit to release an annual progress update on our sustainability work. Each of these updates will highlight changes in our sustainability program, provide case studies of planned, ongoing, or recently completed sustainability actions, and document our sustainability performance, particularly progress made toward achieving our sustainability objectives.
We invite you to follow our progression in years to come through our annual updates, sustainability newsletter, and sustainability dashboard.

All are welcome to provide comments on this report and future reporting through our website or writing to:
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Sustainability Department
6040 28th Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55450
For direct correspondence, please contact the Sustainability Department, at or 612-726-8100.