Engaging our Stakeholders

We believe that strong relationships with our stakeholders are a fundamental piece of our success as a public entity. These relationships help us listen, adapt, and innovate to respond to needs, trends, and regulations, and to evolve our business. We encourage a cycle of learning by engaging our stakeholders regularly and through a variety of forums to gather feedback, share information, and solicit ideas for how we can improve. These engagements directly impact what topics are material to the MAC, feeding into our decision-making process, long-term planning, and sustainability reporting.
We define our stakeholders as individuals or groups that are directly involved with, are affected by, or influence our business as an airport operator.

Air Carriers

Results in Action
As the rate of travelers increases and security points become more congested, our Airline Managers Council formed a sub-group focused on making security checkpoint operations as efficient as possible.


Results in Action
In 2015, employees were invited to participate in an online brainstorm on what the MAC and especially MSP could do to become more sustainable.
Employees submitted over 500 ideas, many of which made it into our five-year sustainability management plan.

General Aviation

Results in Action
The Reliever Airports Advisory Council is the liaison with the general aviation community during the development of policies and ordinances. 
The airport user groups have helped to improve operational efficiency and safety, and provided project-specific recommendations. 

Government Agencies

Results in Action
Since 2014 the MAC, with guidance from the FAA, has been crafting its first sustainability management plan. Through the FAA’s grant program, the MAC has received financial assistance, guidance, and insight from the FAA and its publications on lessons learned from previous grant awardees.

Non-Governmental Organizations and Technical Advisors

Results in Action
Through our active participation in the Airports Going Green Steering Committee, a conference hosted by the American Association for Airport Executives (AAAE), we have been contributing to the dialogue on defining leading sustainability practices for the airport industry.

Surrounding Communities

Results in Action
Led by the Noise Oversight Committee, MSP was one of the first airports in the U.S. to engage surrounding communities during the FAA’s design of NextGen flight procedures. A joint MAC/NOC resolution outlining community engagement expectations was sent to the FAA for future NextGen departure procedure designs.

Tenants and Service Contractors

Results in Action
The MSP Jobs Committee formed following a discussion at a monthly tenant meeting regarding the struggle to recruit job applicants and retain new hires during the post-hire badging process. This new committee, formed in 2015, is part of the Customer Service Action Council, and has a goal to identify employment barriers for MSP employees, developing and branding the MSP employment experience, and implementing programming to support recruitment and retention initiatives. 
In 2016 we hosted a job fair with over 200 attendees! 

Traveling Public

Results in Action
Our dedication to providing the best airport customer experience continues to be enhanced by our growing quantitative analysis and qualitative feedback programs aimed at identifying issues that are key to MSP travelers. As part of the Customer Service Action Council, a group of MSP employees meets regularly with travelers to discuss issues of importance and implements improvements based on that feedback.

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