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Letter from the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer

At the Metropolitan Airports Commission we are embracing sustainability because it’s critical to our region and our responsibility as the operator of a major public asset, and it drives us to innovate as one of the largest airport operators in the nation. Minnesota has a long and rich history of environmentalism and investing in our communities. Sustainability builds on that by addressing how organizations can support the wellbeing of communities and the environment while achieving their operational and economic goals. From sustainable building practices, to maintaining strong air service options, to generating more than $10 billion in annual economic impact for the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan community, we have consistently pursued efforts that add social, environmental, and economic value to Minnesota and the Upper Midwest region. 
The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is one of the largest economic engines in the state of Minnesota and a public entity, so we have a responsibility to provide the best experience to the people in our region. By aligning and collaborating with other agencies and the private sector, we are increasing our collective ability to identify solutions to challenging issues and ensure the wellbeing of our airports, of surrounding communities, and of the environment on which we all depend. We are actively contributing to a thriving and sustainable region. 
We invite you to join us on this journey through this report, our sustainability newsletter, and sustainability events at our airports. These tools and our sustainability dashboard - the first in the nation for an airport - reflect our commitment to open performance in government. Please visit the dashboard and explore the indicators shown there to learn more about our progress.
Dan Boivin 
Metropolitan Airports Commission

Brian Ryks
Chief Executive Officer 
Metropolitan Airports Commission

Letter from the Chief Operating Officer and Sustainability Executive Champion

Sustainability has been a core part of the airport industry for many decades, and is rapidly becoming a differentiator in the field of airport operations. With new airports such as Mexico City’s being built across the globe and competing to become the most sustainable, our legacy airports system faces a unique set of challenges. The United States airport system is one of the oldest, and airports such as our own gain great sustainability value through strategic retrofits, innovation in operations, and alignment with our many partners. For us, sustainability is our positive approach to managing our airports system which recognizes the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our decision-making and their importance to the wellbeing of our system, now and into the future.
The Metropolitan Airports Commission has a long history of diverse investments in sustainability, including the establishment of our energy conservation program in 1998 which has reduced our carbon footprint by 30 percent since its founding. We are utilizing our Trades Building as a center for testing energy innovations, and in 2015 we flipped the switch on the largest solar generation facility in Minnesota.
Beyond the environmental field, we’ve been advancing our efforts on arts and culture, increasing accessibility for the changing traveler, and integrating health and wellbeing into our workplace and airports. Our approach to building a sustainable airport includes collaboration through sustainability leadership platforms such as the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition, which works collaboratively to enhance regional growth and competitiveness, and the steering committee for Airports Going Green, the aviation industry’s leading sustainability platform. Through a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration, we developed our first Sustainability Management Plan focused on the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and our organization. Building on the breadth of sustainability initiatives we’ve undertaken over the years, our plan will guide us in addressing our most material sustainability topics over the next five years.
As we look to the future, we’ve charged the organization with infusing sustainability into everything we do. We’ll drive that change through the three focus areas of our Sustainability Management Plan – Investing in Airport Innovation, Collaborating with our Communities, and Empowering our Team. By meeting our goal, we’ll achieve our vision of providing your best airport experience.  

Dennis Probst
Chief Operating Officer
Metropolitan Airports Commission

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