Anticipate and Prepare

As the owner and operator of seven airports, including a major international hub, we prepare and plan for a wide variety of potential emergencies. We proactively manage an emergency preparedness system that ensures resilience for our airports by partnering with local, state, and federal officials, aid organizations, and businesses to practice coordinated responses to crises. We work continuously to provide a safe place for everyone at our airports and will maintain our focus on safety in all locations, protection of critical assets, and employing business continuity measures.

Training to Build Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties - an important trait for an organization that provides crucial services to the surrounding community and region. That's why our teams are dedicated to building resilience throughout our operation and in partnership with our stakeholders. One way to do this is by training for the unexpected.

Airport Night to Unite

Building resilience internally is important, but what about the thousands of others who don't have the opportunity to engage in emergency response training? Ensuring they are invested in the safety and security of the workplace is also important. One way we do that is by holding an Airport Night to Unite event. Timed to correspond with National Night Out, the focus of the event is to build community and provide crime prevention resources. Every year more than 20 airport entities join the Airport Police Department in ensuring its success.
"We had a great turnout," said Kristi Rollwagen, MAC emergency programs manager and organizer of the event. "There was a steady flow of traffic, and a lot of passengers came through, too."

Goal — Respond effectively to changes that threaten the viability of our airports system
2017 – 2021 Objectives:
  • Engage, support, and expand airport training and preparedness 
  • Ensure airport planning processes address current and potential threats 
  • Support expansion of our continuity of operations plan to key stakeholders to enable coordinated back-to-business planning

Emergency Preparedness
Preparedness is crucial to our functioning as an airport, especially with today's heightened risk environment. We assess, train, and prepare for a variety of risks to ensure our resilience as an airport and critical asset to the state of Minnesota. We have built out several programs that help us prepare in the event of an emergency including the MSP Airport Community Emergency Resource Team (ACERT) and our Airport Watch Program.