Why remodeling public restrooms is important to us...

Image: Remodeled restroom at MSP 
One of the key amenities we provide our passengers is clean, functional restrooms!
Working within buildings that are often over a half-century old, we are continually investing in refreshing our restrooms. Between 2017 and 2020, we are focused on four major use restroom remodels that will enhance the experience for our travelers at MSP. Through every restroom remodel, we work to continually improve our design to increase accessibility, improve performance of the units, and incorporate regional artwork.
Our remodels to date have included improvements in reducing water and energy use significantly through design, product selection, and usability. In addition, we have added in some unique innovations from electronic signage since the last cleaning to enhanced airflow across floors to help them dry quickly - both of which reduce the need for unnecessary cleaning, thus saving materials.