Goal Update

2015 Baseline: 22%

2016 Update: 21%

2017 Update: 17%

2018 Update: 25%

2019 Update: 26.3%

2020 Update: 37.9%

2030 Goal: 75%

Waste Reduction

The MAC has long been committed to reducing and recycling waste at MSP, from launching in-terminal recycling in 1997 to collecting organic material for composting beginning in 2009. In 2019, 1,882 tons of material were diverted from the waste stream to recycling, including 241 tons of organics that were sent to a local composting facility.

To reduce food waste, MSP concessionaires have partnered with Loaves and Fishes, a Minneapolis-based non-profit that serves free meals across seven Minnesota counties. Ready-to-eat items that are about to expire are picked up from MSP and either re-purposed and served in meal programs to benefit people in need, or distributed as-is at urban locations in the Twin Cities through Loaves and Fishes’ street outreach. Through 2019, MSP restaurant provided 56,191 pounds of food to the program.



By installing water bottle filling stations throughout both terminals, the MAC is helping to reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste generated at MSP. To help travelers at MSP recycle right, the MAC installed easy-to-understand standardized labels designed by Recycle Across America, a Twin Cities-based non-profit whose mission is to avoid confusion at the recycling bin.

The MAC is also piloting liquid recycle options at MSP’s new Concourse F food court. Diners now have the option to drain liquids prior to tossing their cups, which significantly reduces the weight of waste generated, as well as associated handling costs. 

Our Goals

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