Goal Update

2014/15 Baseline: 99,222 MtCO2e

2016 Update: 86,385 MtCO2e (12.9% reduction)

2017 Update: 84,708 MtCO2e (14.6% reduction)

2018 Update: 86,241 MtCO2e (13.1% reduction)

2019 Update: 81,192 MtCO2e (18.2% reduction)

2020 Update: 62,340 MtCO2e (37.2% reduction)

2030 Goal: 20,000 MtCO2e (80% reduction)

Low-Emissions Mode Split

As a secondary metric for tracking progress toward its emissions goal, the MAC set a goal for the percentage of employees commuting to work in a sustainable way. Low-emissions mode split refers to the percentage of employees who commute to work using low-emissions modes of transportation, such as public transportation, walking, biking, carpooling, or driving a fully electric vehicle (EV).

GOAL: Achieve a low-emissions mode split of 50%.

2019 Baseline: 12% (does not include EVs)

2030 Goal: 50% (includes EVs)

Airport Carbon Accreditation

In 2016 the MAC joined the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program, a multi-level certification program that encourages and supports airports in developing management plans to reduce their carbon footprint. To date, the MAC has achieved Level 1 certification by mapping emissions from sources at MSP that it owns and controls, and Level 2 by showing evidence of effective carbon management procedures. View the MAC’s Carbon Policy Statement here.

Energy Conservation 

Since 1998, the MAC’s multi-phase Energy Conservation Program has boosted energy conservation at MSP. From installing energy-efficient charging stations for ground support equipment on the airfield, creating an Intelligent Monitoring and Control System that integrates and automates HVAC equipment, specifying plumbing and lighting systems for improved efficiency, and swapping close to 8,000 metal halide light fixtures to energy-saving LED, the program has yielded significant results. It has saved more than 40,000 MWh of electrical usage and reduced energy consumption at MSP by 30 percent.

Renewable Power

In 2016, the MAC installed and activated a 3 MW solar energy array located atop parking ramps at Terminal 1. In 2017, it added another 1.3 MW installation atop the parking ramps at Terminal 2. In 2019, the solar arrays generated 3,307 MW of solar energy and 1,219 metric tons of emissions were avoided as a result of the energy generated.



The MAC began installing electric vehicle charging stations at MSP in 2013. To date, there are 16 EV stations in the Terminal 1 parking ramps and four in the Terminal 2 ramps. Fifty additional charging stations will come on line when the Terminal 1 Silver Ramp opens in 2020.

Our Goals

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